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An all organic, delicious and nurturing blend of berries and herbs.

This herbal immune support tea is powerful blend of elderberries, cinnamon, rooibos leaf, rose hips, orange peel, hibiscus, ginger root, Siberian ginseng root, cardamom seeds, echinacea root, holy basil, calendula petals, lemon peel, and valerian root.

This blend offers a bold balance of flavors reminiscent of mulled wine. Say goodbye to sniffles and hello to a gentle daily immune boost that promotes good rest.
Ingredients: organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic rooibos leaf, organic rose hips, organic orange peel, organic hibiscus, organic ginger root, organic siberian ginseng root, organic cardamom seeds, organic echinacea root, organic tulsi holy basil, organic calendula petals, organic lemon peel, organic valerian root.

Steeping guide: Use 1 teaspoon per cup | Steep 5+ minutes in filtered water | 212⁰ | This package contains 3 oz. Yields 30-40 cups of tea | Caffeine-free

100% Naturally Caffeine-Free

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