Sencha Fukamushi, Organic

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Made from certified organic young spring and early summer leaves come together to make Japan’s most traditional loose leaf tea; Sencha. Our Sencha is steamed in the Fukamushi, or “deep-steamed” style characteristic of southern Shizuoka, and then finished with a high roasting. The high heat finishing roast brings out a rich aroma and lingering umami finish that is consistent even after multiple steepings.

'Fukamushi' refers to the deeper (longer) steaming process after harvest. This extra steaming time results in finer leaves, a richer taste & more full bodied than regular Sen Cha. Depending on steeping conditions, it has a bit of sweetness & outstanding fragrance. this japanese tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants, it purifies the body, elevates energy levels without a crash and sharpens the mind's faculties.

Steeping guide:

This tea is best enjoyed flash steeped for 30-60 seconds only. Use a lower water temperature of 175 °F

This tea also makes a phenomenal cold brew! Use approximately 1tbsp per 12oz. of water and let steep 15 minutes in ice cold water then enjoy.

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